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California Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The California Secretary of State’s website includes an entity search tool for public use. This tool allows users to search for business entities in California by name or file number. This database contains the records of every entity that has registered its intent to do business in California, including those originally formed in another state.


Business Entity Search

1. Access The California Entity Search Tool

2. Define The Search Criteria

Two types of queries may be conducted with the business entity search tool.

To run a basic search, furnish the filing number or the full or partial name of the business entity in the search box then select the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. This will open a new page that will be reviewed in Step 4 of these instructions.

Select the “Advanced” button to apply a filter to narrow in on your criteria and proceed to Step 3 of these instructions.

3. Optional Advanced Search

Conduct an advanced search using any combination of the filters that are available in the “Advanced Search” tool. Each option will require either a selection to be made or information to be supplied.

  • Search Filter
  • Search Type
  • Entity Type
  • Status
  • Filing Date

4. Review The Table Results

Look over the new page that will feature your results in a table. Notice that each column of information may be sorted using the arrows provided.

  • Entity Information
  • Initial Filing Date
  • Status
  • Entity Type
  • Formed In
  • Agent

Review the table’s results and select the business entity’s name from the first column to view additional information.

5. Business Entity Information

Direct your attention to the information presented on the right-hand side since it will include the business entity’s contact information, formal standing, and (if any) its processing agent’s entity type and contact information:

  • Initial Filing Date
  • Status
  • Standing – SOS
  • Standing – FTB
  • Standing – Agent
  • Standing – VCFCF
  • Inactive Date
  • Formed In
  • Entity Type
  • Principal Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Statement Of Info
  • Due Date
  • Agent

Seek additional information or access from your search result as needed. To do so, review the link options provided in this section for additional information on the entity:

  • Request Certificate
  • View History
  • Request Access