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Connecticut Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Connecticut Secretary of State allows users to search its records for a specific business entity using a search tool provided on its website. Once an entity has been found, records concerning its current status, contact information, processing agent, and history may be reviewed. This tool is available to the general public and may be used free of charge.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Business Records Search Page Maintained By The Connecticut Secretary Of State

2. Produce Criteria To Search For A Business Entity
Type in the full or partial of the Business Entity being sought. If available, a search on the business entity’s registration or filing number may also be supplied here.
3. View The Business Records Produced

Each record yielded by the search will feature the entity’s business ALEI number, its entire legal name, principals, agent, and status. More information may be obtained by simply selecting a record. If needed you may sort by name, ALEI number, or zip code using the dropdown menu provided.

  • US-CT BER Number
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Principal
  • Agent
  • Status

Optional: An additional filter, on the left side of the page, will also be displayed. This tool enables the user to narrow down too many results by supplying additional criteria. If needed tend to the filter by supplying relevant dates and, if appropriate, selecting the appropriate checkboxes from the categories provided.

  • Business Start Date
  • Business End Date
  • Business Status
  • Business Type
  • Entity Type

To select a record for more information about that entity, click anywhere in that record with your mouse.

4. Review The Connecticut Business Entity’s Information

Once the appropriate record has been found and selected, a new page will open. Initially, the business details section will present the entity’s “General Information” information for review.

  • Business Name
  • Business Status
  • Citizenship/Place Of Formation
  • Business Address
  • Annual Report Due
  • NAICS Code
  • Business ALEID
  • Date Formed
  • Business Type
  • Mailing Address
  • Last Report Filed
  • NAICS Sub Code

This page also provides three sections that can be accessed for more information on the Business Entity. Each such section may be accessed utilizing the arrow displayed by each section title.

  • Filing History
  • Name History
  • Shares