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California Corporate Bylaws Templates (5)

The California corporate bylaws template is a voluntary document that will act as the blueprint for details such as how the officers or CEOs of the corporation will meet, the type of stock that will be available, the corporation’s daily operations, and every other directive or definition needed for the corporation to operate successfully.

It is often recommended to complete this paperwork before the first board meeting since well-documented corporate policy, mission, and roster will often benefit an entity by providing a consistent framework to build upon during its lifespan.

Is it REQUIRED in California?

No. However, Title 1 of the California Corporations Code (§ 4-26-809) requires that a copy of the corporate bylaws be kept in the corporation’s executive office and be available for inspection by the shareholders. Additionally, the names of the officers are required to be in this paperwork. Thus, while California does not directly mandate a set of corporate bylaws be made, it does assume (and expect) them to be.

Templates (5)

eForms.com Version 



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

eSign.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

NorthwestRegisteredAgent.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

TemplateRoller.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

FormsPal.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word