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Georgia Corporate Bylaws Templates (5)

Georgia corporate bylaws are typically executed by a corporation’s governing board during its first meeting. Georgia requires that corporations define their officers, and directors, their powers, the actions they may take, how they may function during meetings, and the process of implementing committees using corporate bylaws. This will be in addition to corporate concerns such as an entity’s mission, policies, and, if applicable, stock descriptions (i.e. class, availability, etc.).

Once the Georgia corporate bylaws have been established, they may be stored internally and remain private but must be kept current with the corporation’s purpose and behavior.

Is it REQUIRED in Georgia?

Yes. Georgia requires that corporations operate under a set of bylaws passed by its board of directors to satisfy Georgia Code § 14-2-206.

Templates (5)

eForms.com Version



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NorthwestRegisteredAgent.com Version



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eSign.com Version 



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TemplateRoller.com Version



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