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Delaware Secretary of State (Div. of Corporations) | Business Entity Search

The Delaware Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations allows the public access to its database of registered businesses through a search tool. This query can obtain basic details about a specific business entity, such as its name, address, and agent. The user will only need the name or the filing number of the business entity he or she seeks to run the query free of charge.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Division Of Corporations Business Entity Search Tool

2. Search For A Delaware Business Entity

At least one of the required fields must be supplied with information to run the query. You may use either the name of the business entity or its filing number with the Secretary of State Division of Corporations.

After supplying at least one of these fields with criteria, select the “Search” button. It should be noted that a “captcha” page may need to be satisfied to prevent access by bots. If so, make sure to complete the process in order to view the search results.

3. Find The Delaware Business Entity In The Query Result

A table, with the ability to display a maximum of fifty rows, shall deliver the query results for review. Locate the file number and name of the business entity being queried, then select the file number to review the entity’s details.

4. Delaware Business Entity Details

The business entity’s file number, classification, full name, and incorporation or formation along with some other information will be visible at the beginning of its “Entity Details” page.

This page will display the name and contact information of the entity’s registered agent.

Additional information regarding the business entity may be purchased for a processing fee by selecting the appropriate radio button and then submitting your request.