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Georgia Secretary of State (Corporations Division) | Business Entity Search

The Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division maintains a business search entity page where users can access then review a database of registered businesses. This service enables the public to learn a business’s legal name, view its filing history, and even reach its processing agent. Anyone can use this service since the basic information that is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division is often considered public knowledge.


Business Entity Search

1. Go To The Georgia Secretary Of State Corporations Division Business Entity Search Page

2. Define The Criteria For The Georgia Business Search

Several options are available for the type of search criteria that will be used. Select the radio button that best defines the search being engaged.

  • Business Name
  • Control Number
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Officer Name

The criteria entered should be further defined by indicating whether an “Exact Match” is required in the search results. Select one of the radio buttons in the top row to satisfy this requirement.

  • Starts With
  • Contains
  • Exact Match

Once the above items have been satisfied, locate the “Search” button then select it.

3. Georgia Business Search Results

A new page shall display the inquiry results. A navigation menu will appear below the table if there are a large number of results.

Review the list of businesses, using the columns of information to verify the record being sought, then select the “Business Name” of the entity you wish to view from the first column.

  • Business Name
  • Control Number
  • Business Type
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent
  • Status

4. Georgia Business Entity

Locate and review the “Business Information” section for details regarding the Georgia business entity and its registered agent.

  • Business Name
  • Business Type
  • Business Purpose
  • Principal Office Address
  • Jurisdiction
  • Principal Record Address
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Physical Address
  • County