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Iowa Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Iowa Secretary of State’s database of registered business entities can be queried using the business entity search page tool available on the office’s website. Users seeking more information, the best means to contact a business, or its basic filing information may use this query to view such information. The Iowa Secretary of State makes this tool free for public use as a convenience.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Iowa Business Entity Search Page

2. Select And Initiate A Query

Two search options are available through the text boxes on display. Only one may be conducted at a time.

To initiate a query on Iowa business entities using a name, enter the name in the first search box, then select “Search.” Partial names are considered acceptable search items.

To initiate a search using a business entity’s filing number, submit its filing number to the second search box, then select the corresponding “Search” button.

3. Review The Matching Iowa Business Entities

Every registered Iowa business entity that matches the search criteria entered above will be presented in a table. Several columns of information will appear for each entity.

  • Business No.
  • Name
  • Status
  • Type

Scroll down the table to the appropriate Iowa business entity, then select its “Business No.” from the first column to view more details.

4. Iowa Business Entity Details

The same details in the table will appear at the top of the page with some supporting information. Confirm this is the correct entity by reviewing this page. Additional information is available by selecting the tabs running across the top of this area.

  • Summary
  • Address
  • Agent
  • Filings
  • Names
  • Officers
  • Stock
  • Protected Series

Names held by the business entity, if any, are displayed in the second section.

The “Registered Agent or Reserving Party” information is also available on this page (in the third section).

The final section displays the Iowa business entity’s principal office address.