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Kentucky Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Kentucky Secretary of State provides a business entity search engine for public use. As a query tool, this engine will access and display all matching entries to a partial or full name of a business licensed to operate in Kansas. Each may be further reviewed at the convenience of the user.


Business Entity Search

1. Access The Kentucky Secretary Of State Business Entity Search Page

2. Dispense The Search Criteria

The search box located at the center of the page links directly to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s database so that it can search its contents for a specific business entity. Use this tool by supplying the name of the Kentucky business entity to its content or by typing in part of the desired entity’s name.

An added tool allows for inactive entities to be excluded from the search results once it is checked. This is optional.

Begin the search by clicking on the button underneath the search box.

3. Find The Kentucky Business Entity’s Record

The search results will return in the form of a table on a new page. Up to five hundred results may be found so the option to perform another search is available at the top of the page.

Four columns of information will make up each record’s row. Use the first column to find the name of the Kentucky business and the remaining three to verify it is the record you wish to view.

Each Kentucky business on this table can be further examined by selecting its name from the first column.

4. Review the Information Of File With The Kentucky Secretary Of State

The first section will contain a summary of the viewable information for the Kentucky business.

  • General Information
  • Organization Number
  • Name
  • Company Type
  • StatusState
  • File Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Principal Office

The officers listed for the entity (if any) will also be displayed.

  • Current Officers

Finally, some options to view the individual and entity names used during or for the Kentucky business’s formation are provided through the final section of this page.