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Washington D.C. Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement Templates (5)

The Washington D.C. single-member limited liability company operating agreement is a favored supporting document for well-managed limited liability companies. The District of Columbia allows an agreement to take any form the member wishes because it has no current statute requiring one to be made however, many would agree that a signed document is a much more powerful agreement than a verbal contract.

With a written contract, the sole member and the LLC will satisfy some requirements made by banks when opening a company account, show that the limited liability company’s assets and those of the sole member (owner) should be considered separate, and demonstrate the intent for the company to operate under a specific tax status. These tasks can be accomplished through the content of the agreement made and thus, members would be advised to consult a qualified professional (i.e. an accountant) when developing this contract.

Templates (5)

eForms.com Version



Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word

HowToStartAnLLC.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

NorthwestRegisteredAgent.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

LLCUniversity.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

FormsPal.com Version



Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word