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Maine Secretary of State (Corporations Division) | Business Entity Search

The Maine Department of the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions maintains a corporate name search page for the general public. Because the search engine is directly linked to the registered corporate entities in this state, a simple and effective search will aid in finding a corporate entity’s public information. Once the appropriate file is found, several actions will be available for the user.


Business Entity Search

1. Go To The Bureau Of Corporations, Elections, And Commission’s Corporate Name Search

2. Search For the Maine Registered Corporation

This search will produce results of Maine-registered business entities such as corporations or limited liability companies and can be initiated using a keyword found in an entity name or the entire name. Locate the first text box and furnish the keyword or name that must be found in the Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions database.

The “Click Here To Search” button will start the query.

3. Scroll Through The Results For The Maine Corporation

A separate web page will open with the matching Maine entities. Find the name of the corporation or business being sought then click on the “Information Summary” link in that row.

  • Legal Name
  • Charter Number
  • Filing Type
  • Status

4. Review The Maine Corporations Filed Information

Review the basic details found in the first row to verify that this is the business you wish to review.

  • Filing Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Jurisdiction

Continue to the next area where supporting information for the business’s current standing and contact details are available.

  • Other Name
  • Clerk/Registered Agent

Look over the option to download and view additional information regarding the forms and the filings relevant to this entity.

  • List Of Filings
  • Obtain Additional Information
  • Certificate of Existence