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Maryland Secretary of State (Business Express) | Business Entity Search

The Maryland Secretary of State provides a business entity search service through its “Business Express” page. This query tool links directly to the database of registered Maryland business entities. Utilize this tool when looking up a Maryland entity’s basic and public information.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Maryland Secretary Of State Business Express Page

2. Conduct A Search

After the page has been accessed, produce either the full name of the Maryland business you wish to view or part of its name in the text box, select “Business Name,” and press the “Search” button with your mouse.

3. Find The Maryland Business In The Results

Find the desired Maryland business on the table that appears. This will be a new page containing three columns of information.

Find the Maryland business in this table and use your mouse button to select its name from the center column.

4. Go Through The Maryland Business Details Available

Review each section of the Maryland business will be summarized in its “General Information” page.

Additionally, the Maryland business’s history is viewable. Select the second tab to access a basic report on public actions taken by or on the business.

After switching tabs, direct your attention to the body of the page for a review of the Maryland entity’s filing history.