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Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth (Corporations Division) | Business Entity Search

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows the public to access a business entity’s public filing information directly. Internet users can utilize the corporation search engine to query this database so that a single entity can be more easily found. As soon as the query is run, the user can access the Massachusetts entity’s information online.


Business Entity Search

1. Access The Massachusetts Business Entity Search

2. Conduct A Search For A Registered Massachusetts Business

Reserve a moment to review the content of this page which presents several search options. Choose the first option to look through the database for the name of a particular entity.

  • Entity Name
  • Individual Name
  • Identification Number
  • Filing Number

Dispense the entity’s name or at least one word in that name to the search box. Utilize the drop-down menu to indicate where in the name your criteria will likely appear and select the first option to search for the criteria at the beginning of an entity’s name.

The option to request 25, 50, or 100 results can be engaged from the drop-down menu available. This depends on the user’s preferences but the default is set to twenty-five results per page.

Use the mouse to choose the “Search Corporations” button.

3. Select The Appropriate Record

Select the name of the concerned Massachusetts entity from the first column of the table containing the search results to continue.

  • Entity Name
  • ID Number
  • Old ID Number
  • Address

4. View Details About The Massachusetts Business

The “Business Entity Summary” page distributes information using several areas.

  • Summary For
    • Exact Name
    • Merged Into
    • Entity Type
    • Identification Number
    • Date Of Organization In Massachusetts

Continue through this area to view some relevant dates concerning the Massachusetts entity.

  • Last Date Certain
    • Current Fiscal Month/Day
    • Previous Fiscal Month/Day

The contact methods of the Massachusetts business are plainly visible in the next sections.

  • Location Of Principal Office
  • The Name And Address Of The Registered Agent
  • Officers And Directors

If the Massachusetts entity can issue stock, a statement will confirm this fact via checkmark. Here, you can peruse certain details in the display area.

  • Business Entity Is Publicly Traded
    • Class of Stock
    • Par Value Per Share
    • Total Authorized
    • Total Issued
    • Consent
    • Confidential Data
    • Merger Allowed
    • Manufacturing

Review previous filings of the Massachusetts entity by selecting one from the list in the text box and clicking the “View Filings” button.