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Montana Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Montana Secretary of State‘s business search page is maintained to enable the general public to find the filed information for businesses in this state. A basic query tool links directly to the Secretary of State database to deliver such information on screen for the user’s convenience. There is no charge to receive the basic information available on-screen upon a successful query.


Business Search Entity

1. Access The Montana Secretary Of State Business Entity Search Page

2. Produce The Criteria Require

Determine what kind of search you wish to perform. You can perform a simple search for a specific business entity by typing in the name of the Montana business in the text box and pressing on the magnifying glass icon with your mouse.

If you want to search according to additional criteria then select the “Advanced” tab after typing in your search phrase. This will allow several additional criteria for your search.

Select either the first or second radio button to define the placement of your keywords in the Montana business’s name.

  • Starts With
  • Contains

Go through the drop-down lists to apply a filter for specific attributes of the Montana business this search must locate.

  • Entity Type
  • Status
  • State
  • County

If this search is for a registered agent then check the box on display.

To run a search on dates of action on the Montana Entity’s paperwork, use the appropriate date fields to supply a range. Only entities that fall within the range of the defined paperwork will appear.

  • Registration Date
  • Start
  • End
  • Expiration Date
  • Start
  • End

When you are ready, press the “Search” button with your mouse.

3. Look Through The Query Results

Often, more than one business entity will match the criteria entered therefore the results of the query will display in a table.

Find the Montana business entity you are seeking in the first column then select its name from the appropriate column. Several columns are displayed as a summary of every Montana business in your results.

  • Form Info
  • Status
  • Registration Date
  • Agent

4. Review The Montana Business Entity’s Details

Direct your attention to the right of the page where the information filed with the Montana Secretary of State for this business will be displayed. Several topics will be presented and the option to obtain additional information is available at the beginning of this area. 

  • Request Information
  • File Number
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Sub Type
  • Status
  • Previous Entity Names
  • Formed In
  • Qualification Date
  • Date Registered In State/Country Of Jurisdiction
  • Principal Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Business Physical Address Of Office Required To Be In State Of Formation
  • Business Mailing Address Of Office Required To Be In State Of Formation