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Nevada Secretary of State (SilverFlume) | Business Entity Search

The Nevada Secretary of State operates an online query tool so that users can perform a business entity search for-profit and non-profit entities. This tool will accept the user’s search criteria, match them to appropriately filed business records, then display all matching entities on the screen. The user only needs to select the concerned Nevada entity to view its public information.


Business Entity Search

1.  Access The Nevada Business Entity Search

2. Define The Items Being Searched

Begin by selecting one of the four radio buttons presented to indicate where the phrase you are seeking will appear in the Nevada entity’s name.

  • Search By
    • Starts With
    • Contains
    • Exact Match
    • All Words

Next supply the phrase or business name to the search box.

Optionally, you may define specific business entity items as search criteria using the second area that is displayed.

  • Business Entity Search Criteria
    • Entity Number
    • NV Business ID Number
    • Officer Name
    • Registered Agent Name

If you wish to perform a search that includes a Nevada business entity’s trademark then attend to the third section.

  • Marks Search Criteria
    • Mark Number
    • Goods And Services
    • Applicant Name

If you wish, a filter to be applied then locate and select the radio button that reflects the types of entities you wish to see in the results.

Finally, you may filter your results further by choosing the appropriate drop-down item from the last two fields. This will restrict the results to only include Nevada entities with these items as well.

  • Advance Search Options
    • All
    • Show Only Business Entity Information
    • Show Only Mark Information
  • Type
  • Status

Once, the items you wish to find in the database are defined, click on the button that is labeled “Search.”

3. Go Over The Matching Business Entities

Your query results will be returned through a table on a new web page. Look through the first column’s names for the Nevada entity you are seeking.

  • Business Entity And Mark Search Result
    • Name
    • Status
    • Filing Status
    • Type
    • NV Business ID
    • Entity Number
    • Mark Number
    • Actions

Here, you must scroll through the rows of names presented in the first column until you find the Nevada entity. Once found, click on its name.

4. Obtain The Nevada Entity’s Details

You will be presented with a new page upon your selection from the previous page. Review the area introducing this page to make sure this is the Nevada entity being sought.

  • Entity Information
    • Entity Name
    • Entity Number
    • Entity Type
    • Entity Status
    • Formation Date
    • NV Business ID
    • Termination Date

Continue your review to obtain the details of the registered agent associated with the Nevada business entity.

  • Registered Agent Information
    • Name of Individual Or Legal entity
    • Status
    • CRA Agent Type
    • Registered Agent Type
    • Jurisdiction
    • Office Or Position
    • Street Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Individual With Authority To Act
      • Fictitious Website Or Domain

This page also dispenses the information to identify the officers of the Nevada business entity. You must select the checkbox if you wish to view this entity’s officer history.

  • Officer Information
    • View Historical Data
    • Title
    • Name
    • Address
    • Last Updated
    • Status

Finally, direct your attention to the bottom of the page to review the stock information for the Nevada business entity discussed on this page.

  • Current Shares
    • Class Series
    • Type
    • Share Number
    • Value