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New York Division of Corporations | Business Entity Search

The New York Secretary of State Division of Corporations maintains a database of registered New York business entities and a public search tool to find a specific New York business’s details. Since this is a database of completed filings, this should not be taken as live information where one can judge a business name. However, more information regarding the availability of a specific name for a business may be found by contacting this department directly.


Business Entity Search

1. Access The New York Division Of Corporations Business Entity Search

2. Describe The Search Type And Conduct The Search

You must provide several definitions before you begin the search. First, locate, then select the first drop-down menu item to search by the entity name.

Then, type in the name you are looking for in the New York Division of Corporations database.

Lastly, select the type of entity you believe the New York entity to be filed as from the list provided.

Once these items are defined, select “Search The Database.”

3. Review The Table Results Of The New York Business Search

Look through the seven columns of information on the table results to your query and after finding the correct New York business, select it by clicking its name with the mouse.

  • Name
  • DOS ID#
  • Assumed Name ID #
  • Status
  • Entity Type
  • Date of First Filing
  • County

4. Obtain The New York Entity’s Public Information

You may return to your original search results or begin a new search altogether by selecting the appropriate button at the top right of the page with the New York business information. Otherwise, begin your review of this business by looking over the first section.

  • Entity Details
    • Entity Name
    • Foreign Legal Name
    • Entity Type
    • Section Law
    • Date Of Initial DOS Filing
    • Effective Date Initial Filing
    • Foreign Formation Date
    • County
    • DOS ID
    • Fictitious Name
    • Duration Date/Latest Date Of Dissolution
    • Entity
    • Status
    • Reason For Status
    • Inactive Date
    • Statement Status
    • Next Statement Due Date

After reviewing the basic information, locate the second part of this page. Notice, it begins with several tabs with the first displaying some contact information for the entity.

  • Service Of Process Name And Address
  • Chief Executive Officer’s Name And Address
  • Principal Executive Office Address
  • Registered Agent Name And Address
  • Entity Primary Location Name And Address
  • FarmCorpFlag
  • Stock Information

Finally, click the other tabs presented to obtain the filing history for the New York entity.

  • Name History
  • Filing History
  • Merger History
  • Assumed Name History