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North Carolina Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The North Carolina Secretary of State business entity search engine gives its users access to the filing details of North Carolina businesses. Naturally, businesses would have had to file with the North Carolina Secretary of State to operate in North Carolina. Such registration will be discoverable through this query page. Keep in mind, that when engaging this search, it is recommended to have as much information regarding the entity on hand as possible since this will aid in defining reliable criteria for the search.


Business Entity Search

1. Go to the North Carolina Business Entity Search Page

2. Fulfill The Query Requirements

Before beginning the business entity search, some basic parameters must be supplied. Two drop-down lists will enable this definition. Select the first option from each list to continue.

  • Select What You Want To Search
    • Company
    • Registered Agents
    • Company Officials
    • Assumed Business Name

Select the first option from the second drop-down list.

  • Select How You Want To Search
    • Exact
    • SOSID

Conduct the query using the “Search” button.

3. Review The North Carolina Search Results Table

The table produced on the next page will deliver the matching entities. Use this table to review the name of the business each record discusses. Then upon finding the concerned North Carolina entity, select its name.

  • Entity Name
    • SOS ID
    • Date Formed 
    • Status

Obtain the annual report of the concerned entity from the final column if desired.

  • Actions
    • Type
    • Annual Report

4. Review The North Carolina Entity’s Details

Confirm that this is the North Carolina entity sought.

  • Business Corporation
    • Legal Name

Scroll to the next section to gain the information needed regarding the North Carolina entity.

  • Information
    • SOSID
    • Status
    • Date Formed
    • Citizenship
    • State Of Incorporation
    • Fiscal Month
    • Annual Report Due Date
    • Annual Report Status
    • Registered Agent

Direct your attention to the following section to obtain the location and mailing address of the North Carolina business.

  • Addresses
    • Mailing
    • Principal Office
    • Reg Office
    • Reg Mailing

You can view the North Carolina entity officers using the appropriate section.

  • Officers
    • Senior Vice President
    • President
    • Corporate Secretary

Look through the final section for the North Carolina entity stock information.

  • Stock
    • Class
    • Shares
    • No Par Value