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Oklahoma Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Oklahoma Secretary of State enables an online name search for registered businesses. Using this tool, one can discover whether a business name has been used for some time and some basic details about that entity. Additional information is available once the tool’s user submits some contact information.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Oklahoma Business Entity Search Page

2. Input The Oklahoma Business’s Information

You can engage one of two options to perform this search. The first is considered a simple query. Type the name of the Oklahoma entity that should be found in the search box. 

The second way to run this search is to use the filter or advanced option by selecting the link below the search box. Once selected, you must select the filter option you wish applied.

Once you have satisfied the requirements for either a basic search or an advanced one, use the mouse to select “Search.”

3. Locate The Oklahoma Business In The Search Results

Look through the Oklahoma business query results on the page that opens.

  • Filing Number
  • Name
  • Entity Type
  • Registered Agent
  • Name Type & Status
  • Once you decide upon an Oklahoma business to review, select its file number. 

4. Review The Discovered Oklahoma Business

After you have accessed the Oklahoma “Entity Summary Information,” you can perform a review of its basic information and status.

  • Details
  • Filing Number
  • Name Type
  • Status
  • Corp Type
  • Jurisdiction
  • Formation Date

If needed, locate the contact details for the Oklahoma business’s registered agent in the second section.

  • Registered Agent Information
  • Name
  • Effective
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

You may take additional actions to obtain more information about the Oklahoma business entity or conduct a new search using the buttons lining the bottom of this details page. 

  • View Entity Detail
  • File A Document
  • Order Documents
  • New Search