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South Carolina Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The South Carolina Secretary of State’s business entity search delivers access to the online public business records of a company registered in this state. Many users will seek out if the name they wish to give their business is available in this state, while other users will seek items such as a South Carolina entity’s filing history and contact details.


Business Entity Search

1. Open The South Caroline Business Name Search Page

2.  Produce The Search Phrase And Set The Parameters

Make use of the drop-down menu to establish where the search item will appear within the name you are searching. 

  • Begins With
  • Contains
  • Exact Match

Type the phrase that should be queried by the South Carolina business name search directly into the search box. 

Run the “Search” by selecting the appropriate button. 

3. Review The South Carolina Business Name Search Results

Review every row in the table results until you find the name of the South Carolina entity in the first column, then click on that name using the mouse. Additional rows have been supplied to help you identify your target. 

  • Entity Name
  • Date Of Incorporation
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Status
  • Incorporated Status

4. Access The South Carolina Business’s Filing History

You can find additional details on the South Carolina entity at the top of the page.

  • Corporate Information
  • Important Dates
  • Registered Agent

You can utilize the buttons provided to request additional information while the table will provide a listing of the records currently available onscreen.

  • Official Documents On File
    • Filing Type 
    • Filing Date