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South Dakota Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The South Dakota Secretary of State business entity search is a publicly accessible online query tool. Online users can use this tool to check on the availability of a business name in the State of South Dakota. Additionally, since a South Dakota business entity is required to file its information to operate in this state and the business search engine links directly to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s database of registered business entities, users will also be able to view an entity’s details and filing history.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The South Dakota Secretary Of State Business Entity Search

2. Produce The Concerned South Dakota Business Name

Find the first text box on this page and then type the name being checked or sought. 

Take advantage of the filter option provided by selecting one of the radio buttons to better define how your search phrase will appear in the South Dakota entity’s registered name. 

Check the box if you only seek South Dakota entities that are active businesses or leave it unmarked if you wish to see every search result.

Double-check your query requirements then click on the “Search” buttons. 

3. Perform A Review Of The South Dakota Secretary Of State Search

Your results should be viewed in a table on the next page. From here, you can review the columns defining the South Dakota business visible on each row, determine how many records the table may display, or perform a new search. 

  • Business ID
  • Type
  • Name
  • Name Type
  • Filing Data
  • Status

If you find a South Dakota entity whose detail you wish to see, select its identification number from the first column. 

4. Obtain The Information Needed Regarding The South Dakota Entity

Go over the three sections of information regarding the South Dakota business beginning with the first one.

  • DBA Business Name
    • Business ID
    • Name
    • Status
    • Principal Office
    • Initial Filing Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Inactive Date
    • Mailing Address

The parties that can be contacted regarding the South Dakota business, as well as the means to initiate such contact, are available in the second section. 

  • Owners
    • Owner Name
    • Physical Address
    • Mailing Address

To view a public document that has been filed by the South Dakota entity with the Secretary of State, review the final section and select the link to its image from the table. 

  • History
    • Type
    • File Date
    • View All Documents Links
    • Detail