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Tennessee Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Tennessee Secretary of State keeps a database of businesses registered to operate in this state. A business entity search engine, also maintained by the State, allows its online visitors to conduct a query for specific Tennessee business entities to obtain its public information. Additionally, the Tennessee business can use the onscreen options on its details page to perform entity actions.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Tennessee Secretary Of State’s Business Entity Search Page

2.  Supply The Details Of Your Search

After accessing the business search tool’s page, locate the first text box, and then supply the keyword or name being searched as its content.

Take a moment to define the keyword’s placement in the Tennessee entity’s name by choosing the correct radio button.

  • Starts With
  • Contains

Set the search to only look for active entities if this is preferred. 

Conduct the Tennessee business information search by clicking on the “Search” button. 

3.  Locate The Tennessee Business

Look through the third column until you reach the row containing the Tennessee business entity being sought through this query. Once found, use the mouse to select its control number from the first column. 

  • Control #
  • Entity Type
  • Name
  • Name Type
  • Entity Filing Date
  • Entity Status

4. View The Tennessee Business’s Details

Go through the first half of the page to look over the Tennessee entity’s current information.

  • Name
  • Foreign Name
  • Status
  • Formed In
  • Fiscal Year Close
  • Term Of Duration
  • Principal Office
  • Mailing Address
  • AR Exempt
  • Shares Of Stock
  • Initial Filing Date
  • Delayed Effective Date
  • AR Due Date
  • Inactive Date
  • Obligated Member Entity

Some additional details regarding the Tennessee entity’s identity and past filings are available using the tabs at the bottom of the page.

  • Assumed Name
  • History
  • Registered Agent