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Vermont Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Vermont Secretary of State keeps a database of business entities registered to operate in this state. Additionally, the office provides a business entity search tool geared to finding and displaying a Vermont business entity’s public filings and contact material. Users may choose to conduct an express search or an advanced one when seeking a particular Vermont business entity using this tool.


Business Entity Search

1. Go To The Vermont Business Entity Search Page

2.  Utilize One Of The Business Entity Search Tools Available

Determine the type of search you would like to conduct.

To perform an express search, locate the radio buttons defining your search items placement in the Vermont business entity’s name then select the appropriate one. 

  • Starts With
  • Exact Match
  • Contains

Click the “Business Name” radio button then type the Vermont business name you wish to find, part of it, or a word it contains in the first text box presented. Notice this option allows you to spell the search item phonetically once the appropriate check box is selected. 

  • Business Name
  • Business ID
  • Filing Number
  • Previous Business Name

If you would like to supply additional filters or criteria then focus on the “Advanced Search” option before continuing. Here, you can utilize one of the drop-down lists as a filter for your results or supply items the Vermont business entity should possess. If you do not wish to apply these advanced options then leave this area blank

  • Registration Type
  • Status
  • NAICS Code
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Principal Name

When you are ready to run the query on the Vermont business entity, type in the appropriate code and click “Search.”

3. Check The Results For The Vermont Business Entity

You should investigate the table that is presented because every row will display one Vermont business entity that matches your results and every column will provide additional information. Find the queried Vermont business then click on its name. 

  • Business Name
  • Business ID
  • Business Type
  • Principal Business Office Address
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Fiscal Year Month
  • Status

4. Collect The Required Information

Gather the information needed on the Vermont business entity from its “Business Information” page. Notice that the information has been dived by section so that the status and address of the information are presented separately first.

  • Business Details
    • Business Name
    • Business ID
    • Business Type
    • File #
    • Business Type
    • Business Status
    • Date of Incorporation/Registration Date
    • Business Description
    • Fiscal Year Month
    • Principal Office Business Address
    • Principal Office Mailing Address
    • Citizenship/Domestic Jurisdiction
    • Last Annual Report Year
    • Last Report Filed
    • Next Filing Due Date

Continue down the page to investigate the parties responsible for the Vermont business entity and its registered agent.

  • Principal Information
    • Name/Title 
    • Physical Address
  • Registered Agent Information
    • Name
    • Physical Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Agent Type

Conclude your review with the additional information provided at the bottom of the page.

  • Other Addresses
    • Address In State Of Formation
  • Assumed Business Name Information

Optionally, you may continue with some historical material using the buttons provided or return to your search.

  • Filing History
  • Name History
  • Shares
  • Return To Search