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Washington Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Washington Secretary of State Corporations and Charities System enables a search of its database for registered business entities. One could use the business entity search tool to obtain the formal name of a business entity along with its public records. This allows users to view a Washington entity’s information on the screen as the state recorded it.


Business Entity Search

1.  Access The Washington Business Entity Search Tool

2.  Specify The Search Item For The Washington Business Entity Search

Scroll to the corporate search area then select the best radio button to define the keyword or name that will be queried. 

Input the query item in the “Business Name” text box and press the “Search” button under it. 

To add additional criteria or filters to your search, select “Advanced Search.”

If you have elected to apply additional criteria, do so using any combination of the filter items. Begin with defining the type of search and supplying the “Business Name”

To apply a date filter to your search, locate the second section then supply the date range you wish to use.

You can use the third area to define the registered agent information for the Washington business entity. 

When you have completed the advanced option for this query, click the “Search” button. 

3. Locate The Washington Entity’s Record 

Your search will result in a table of one or more rows. You must go through the contents of this table row by row until you find the Washington business entity you wish to learn about. If needed, use the columns to aid in identifying this entity. 

  • Business Name
  • UBI
  • Business Type
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Status

When you are ready to view the Washington entity’s details, click on its name.

4. Conduct A Review Of The Washington Business Entity’s Information

Your selection will be viewable on a new page divided by a few topics of information. 

Find the basic status and identifying information of the Washington business entity in the first of these areas

  • Business Information
    • Business Name
    • UBI Number
    • Business Type
    • Business Status
    • Principal Office Street Address
    • Principal Office Mailing Address
    • Expiration Date
    • Jurisdiction
    • Formation Registration Date
    • Period Of Duration
    • Inactive Date
    • Nature Of Business

Additional information regarding its registered agents and controlling parties can be reviewed in the second part of this page.

  • Registered Agent Information
    • Registered Agent Name
    • Street Address
    • Mailing Address
  • Governors
    • Title
    • Governors Type
    • Entity Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name

You can view additional information about the Washington business entity’s history, print this page, or return to perform another search using the buttons in the lower right.

  • Filing History
  • Name History
  • Print
  • Return To Business Search