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Washington D.C. Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Washington D.C. Secretary of State Corporations Online site provides a business search engine to online visitors through its online business center. To access this free service, users must set up a free account. Afterward, online users can look up the name and history of a D.C. business entity and then view the results on their screen.


Business Entity Search

1. Sign In To Your CorpOnline Account

2. Go To The Appraise Area

Find the “Look Up” button under the “Corporations” heading then select it. There will be several different types of searches available however we will focus on finding a corporation using only part or all of its name.

3. Submit The Search Item 

Find the text box then enter the phrase you wish the Corponline business entity search engine to find in its database. 

Select “Search” to initiate a basic search or click on “Search Options” to define your search phrase.

If you have opted to have the business search engine filter your results then review the options available. 

Use the drop-down lists to define the type and status of the sought D.C. business.

Select the radio button defining how your search phrase should appear in the D.C. business entity’s name. 

Once you have supplied the search phrase and defined it adequately, click on the “Search” button. 

  • Search Type
  • Entity Status
  • Search Depth

4. Review The D.C. Business Name Query Results

Direct your attention to the table that appears and review the information it presents.

  • Organization Name
  • File Number
  • Registration Date
  • Organization Status
  • Organization Type
  • Jurisdiction

Locate the D.C. business entity’s name and select it to continue.

5. Find The Information You Seek

Take a few moments to review the details of the D.C. business entity. Several tabs will be available for review. 

  • Main
  • Reports
  • Trade Name
  • Beneficial Owners

Notice that the first tab open will deliver the identity, status, and contact material attached to the D.C. business entity. 

  • Main
  • Entity Info
  • Business Name
  • Suffix
  • Registration/Effective Date
  • Commencement Date
  • Entity Status
  • Foreign Name
  • Date Of Organization
  • State
  • Country

In addition to the basic status information, you can review the addresses needed to reach the D.C. business entity. This will include the D.C. entity’s registered agent information

  • Business Address
  • Agent
  • Is Non-Commercial Registered Agent
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email