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West Virginia Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The West Virginia Secretary of State provides a query service on its business entity search page. The query tool is set up so that online users can look up West Virginia entities, such as corporations or limited liability companies registered to conduct business in this state. This allows the public to find information on a specific West Virginia entity using its legal business name or even part of the entity’s business name.


Business Entity Search

1.  Visit The West Virginia Secretary Of State Business Entity Search

2. Submit The Search Material 

Locate the “Organization Name” text box then type in the name of the West Virginia business or entity being sought. If the full or exact name is unknown then type part of the business name in this field. 

Click or select the “Search” button to continue.

3. Find The West Virginia Business Entity 

Seek out the name of the West Virginia business entity in the first column making sure to observe the details available in the columns that follow.

  • Name
  • Type
  • City
  • Status
  • Details

Select the West Virginia business entity that you wish to review by clicking on the “Details” button at the end of its row. 

4. Read Through The Desired Information

Look through the first area where details such as the West Virginia business’s name, organization number, status information, and stock information can be found. 

After confirming the business as the one you seek using the “Main” section, continue at will to the West Virginia entity’s public filing information and history in the areas that follow. 

  • Main
  • Addresses
  • Officers
  • DBA’s
  • Names
  • Mergers
  • Subsidiaries
  • Amendments
  • Dissolution
  • Annual Reports