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Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions | Business Entity Search

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions allows online visitors to search its records of businesses registered in this state using a business entity search page. After filling out the query requirements, online visitors can initiate a search and then review the results on their computer screen. This search can be conducted as a simple keyword query or with a filter applied to the results.


Business Entity Search

1. Go To The Wisconsin Department Of Financial Institutions Business Entity Search page

2. Review The Information Then Conduct The Wisconsin Entity Search

Before engaging the search, review the page information and then determine whether a basic query should be conducted or if an advanced search is needed. To run a basic query, type the phrase you wish to find in the text box and select “Search Records.” 

If, however, you wish to filter out some of the results by requesting that certain criteria is applied to the search, then select “Advanced Search.”

Select the radio buttons to indicate which criteria must be satisfied by the search. You can place requirements according to the any combination of the available options.

  • Find Records
  • In Name Of
  • Entity Names
  • Entity Type

Additionally, you can place a date range on the Wisconsin entity’s registration date. 

  • Registration Date

Select “Search Records” to continue.

3. Locate Wisconsin Entity In The Corporate Records Results

Regardless of whether you have conducted a basic records search or an advanced record search, the results will display in the “Corporate Records” table. Look over each column of information, then select the Wisconsin entity by clicking on its name. 

  • ID 
  • Entity Name/Type
  • Registered Effective Date
  • Status/Status Date

4. Obtain The Information Needed On The Wisconsin Business Entity

Notice the menu of actions available to you at the beginning of the record.

  • File An Annual Report
  • Request A Certificate Of Status 
  • File A Registered Agent/Office Update Form

Obtain the Wisconsin business entity’s basic identity and status details from the first section available then continue through this page to gain the Wisconsin entity’s registered agent and principal office information as well as its filing history. 

  • Vital Statistics
    • Entity ID
    • Registered Effective Date
    • Period Of Existence
    • Status
    • Status Date
    • Entity Type
    • Annual Report Requirements
  • Addresses 
    • Registered Agent
    • Office
    • Principal Office
  • Historical Information
    • Annual Reports
    • Certificate Of Newly-Elected Officers/Directors
    • Old Names
    • Chronology
    • Order A Document Copy