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Wyoming Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Wyoming Secretary of State user-oriented business entity search page links directly to a database of registered entities that filed to conduct business in Wyoming. This type of query is useful when investigating the availability of a business name in Wyoming or gaining public information such as an entity’s registered agent. This tool can be used conveniently even if the user does not have the full name of the Wyoming entity being sought.


Business Entity Search

1. Go To The Wyoming Business Entity Search Page 

2. Define The Wyoming Business Entity’s Name

Determine the phrase or the keyword that should be searched for in the name database. Ideally, you will have the exact and full name however this is not necessary to conduct the search.

Select the radio button defining that defines your entry the best. 

Conduct the query using the “Search” button.

3. Find The Wyoming Business Entity’s Record

Investigate the table results of your query. Every Wyoming entity that falls within your criteria above will be displayed on a separate row with some columns of information.

  • Name
  • ID Number
  • Status
  • Standing – Tax
  • Standing – RA
  • Filed On

Select the Wyoming entity’s name to learn more about it. 

4. Look Through The Wyoming Entity’s Details

Look through the identifying information for the Wyoming entity on the “Details” page that has been generated after you selected it from the table. 

  • Name
  • Filing ID
  • Type
  • Status
  • Sub Status
  • Initial Filing
  • Standing – Tax
  • Standing – RA
  • Standing Other
  • Inactive Date
  • Term Of Duration
  • Formed In
  • Fictitious Name
  • Principal Office
  • Mailing Address

To review the Wyoming entity’s history make use of the tabs lining the bottom of the Wyoming entity’s details. 

  • Additional Details
  • History
  • Public Notes
  • Parties