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Idaho Secretary of State (SOSbiz) | Business Entity Search

The Idaho Secretary of State Office maintains a database of businesses registered that is searchable and made available to the public. The business search page directly links to this database and has been made available to the general public. This tool can be used to find the exact legal name and details of Idaho business entities free of charge.


Business Entity Search

1. Access The Idaho Secretary Of State Office’s Business Entity Search Page

2. Perform A Standard Search For The Idaho Business Entity

Locate the search box labeled “Business Search.” Report at least part of the business entity’s name in the search box then click on the magnifying glass to initiate the query.

3. Utilize The Advance Search Option To Apply Filters

The basic search can be aided by applying a filter. To do so, select the “Advanced” drop-down menu. Use the filter area to indicate if the search item is the first part of the entity’s name or if the entity’s name only contains the search phrase by selecting the appropriate radio button.

  • Starts With
  • Contains

Indicate if the search should be performed only on registered agents or only on active entities.

  • Registered Agent
  • Active Entities

Supply the first and last filing dates then click “Search.”

4. Review The Idaho Registered Business Entities Displayed

The query will produce a table containing the business entities that closest match the criteria provided.

Select the Idaho business entity to be reviewed from the “Form Info” column.

  • Form Info
  • Status
  • Filing Date
  • Agent

5. Review The Idaho Business Entity’s Record

The Idaho business entity’s information shall appear on the left side of the page. Here you may view the information on file, view the entity’s history, or select another entity from the table results.

  • Filing Type
  • Foreign Name
  • Status
  • Formed In
  • Term Of Duration
  • Principal Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Initial Filing Date
  • AR Due Date
  • Registered Agent

This section presents the ability to request certificates and view the entity’s filing history.

  • Request Certificate
  • View History

Another inquiry may be run from this page at any time using the “Search” box provided.