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New Hampshire LLC Operating Agreement Templates (2)

A New Hampshire limited liability company operating agreement defines how business owners will interact as LLC owners to run their company. Generally, members should institute an operating agreement when the New Hampshire limited liability company is formed.

Each member will benefit from being informed of the obligations and benefits that come with the LLC by having a physical document that can easily be referenced and upheld. This contract will also govern the behavior of the limited liability company by defining its operations, its tax status, and, especially, what should be considered company property.

Is it Required in New Hampshire?

No. No state laws require an operating agreement for the creation of or the ongoing existence of a New Hampshire limited liability company. This is left up to the member but remains a widely accepted recommendation.

Templates (2)

Single-Member LLC operating agreement – The contract needed to execute an operating agreement for a New Hampshire LLC consisting of just one (1) member.


Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

Multi-Member LLC operating agreement – The contract required by a New Hampshire LLC made up of two (2) members or more.


Download; Adobe PDF, MS Word

State Definitions

“‘Operating agreement’ means any agreement, including any amendments or restatements, whether referred to as a limited liability company agreement, operating agreement or otherwise, of the member or members as to the internal affairs of a limited liability company or the conduct of its business.”