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Louisiana Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Louisiana Secretary of State keeps a business entity search page up and publicly available. As a search engine, it will locate the record or file information for any registered business in this state. Naturally, this will only reflect the currently filed information with the Louisiana Secretary of State and may not display actions that are in process.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Louisiana Secretary of State’s Business Entity Search Page

2. Use The Louisiana Business Search Tool

The Lousiana Secretary of State allows several types of criteria to use when searching the database therefore, select the first radio button before continuing from the choices provided. This will engage a search for a specific name.

It will increase the likelihood of finding the Louisiana business’s records by typing in its full name to the search box however, if this is unknown, a part of the name is also an acceptable criterion. Produce the search criteria in the search box.

You must click the appropriate checkbox to prove that you are a person before you initiate the query by pressing the “Search” button.

3. Find The Louisiana Business Entity

All businesses that match the search item entered on the search page will be produced in a table that contains three columns of information and one column with a button.

Choose the “Details” button to view a Louisiana business entity’s information.

4. Review The Filed Information

The Lousiana entity’s filed record will appear on a new page. Review the first area as verification that this is the Louisiana entity being sought.

  • Trade Name Details
    • Type(s) Registered
    • Registered Name
    • Applicant
    • Type Of Business
    • Book #
    • Current Status

Also, you can review the relevant dates of the Louisiana entity’s previous history.

  • Dates
    • Registration Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Date First Used
    • Date First Used (In LA)

If you wish to view the Louisiana entity’s stock information then scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Current Classes
  • Expired Classes
  • Amendment On File

Follow-up actions may be taken in your search efforts using any of the buttons at the bottom of this page.

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