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Michigan Secretary of State (LARA) | Business Entity Search

The Michigan Secretary of State’s Department Of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs operates a business search page so that consumers and the general public can look up and review the basic file information of a Michigan-registered business entity. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ database is directly linked to the query tool on this page enabling its users to gain immediate access online.


Business Entity Search

1. Visit The Michigan Secretary Of State Lara Business Entity Search Page

2. Select The Preferred Search

The Michigan LARA business entity search page allows for a few different queries to be run. Locate the first section and click the radio button presented so that a query on an entity name can be performed.

Next, enter the Michigan entity’s name (or a keyword) in the search box. After, select the search button. Notice that the location of the keyword in the name of the Michigan business can be requested using the drop-down provided.

3. Locate The Michigan Entity Record On File

As soon as the prompt button is pressed, the browser will be directed to a new page where a table shall display every result to the query.

Click on the name of a Michigan entity to view its public details.

4. Review The Michigan Entity Information

A few areas on the Michigan entity’s summary page will present the entity information available to the public. The first of these areas will support the Michigan entity’s recorded identity and the second will present its filing history.

  • ID Number
  • Summary For
  • The Name Of Domestic Profit Corporation
  • Entity Type
  • Old ID Number
  • Date Of Incorporation In Michigan
  • Purpose
  • Date Of Dissolved
  • Most Recent Annual Report
  • Most Recent Annual Report With Names Of Officers

Next, the legal contact information for the Michigan business entity’s registered agent is readily available on this page.

  • The Name And Address Of The Resident Agent
    • Resident Agent Name
    • Street Address
    • Apt./Suite/Other
    • City
    • State
    • Zip code
  • Registered Office Mailing Address
    • P.O. Box or Street Address
    • Apt/Suite/Other
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code

Generally, quite a few business entities will have stock information. If this is such an entity, then review the next few areas

  • Acts Formed Under
  • Total Authorized Shares
  • Written Consent

Select the appropriate button to view any assumed names associated with the Michigan business entity.