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Missouri Secretary of State | Business Entity Search

The Missouri Secretary of State operates a query tool that links directly to its database of registered Missouri businesses. The general public can utilize this business entity search tool at any time online to seek public information about a business, such as its registered agent or principal office address. Additionally, several options will allow for more information to be displayed on-screen.


Business Entity Search

1. Open The Missouri Secretary Of State Business Entity Page

2. Define The Search Criteria

First, define what is being searched by selecting the first option from the first drop-down menu.

  • Business Name
  • Registered Agent
  • Name Availability
  • Charter Number

Next, type the phrase that the query tool should seek in the database in the “Business Name” search box.

Use the drop-down menu to define where in the business name the search phrase is found.

  • Starting With
  • All Words
  • Any Word
  • Exact Match

Mark the checkbox to view only active Missouri entities.

Once the criteria are set, press the button labeled “Search” with the mouse button.

3. Go Over The Search Results

Review the table of Missouri businesses for the concerned entity then, click on its name since this will enable you to view additional details. Notice, that from this area, the registered agent’s information for an entity may be reviewed as well. 

  • Business Name
  • Charter No.
  • Type
  • Status
  • Created
  • Registered Agent Name

4. Review The General Information

After the Missouri entity’s “General Information” section opens on a new page, review the basic details presented. If this is the desired entity, then continue to review the available tabs.

  • General Information
  • Names
  • Principal Office Address
  • Type
  • Charter No.
  • Domesticity
  • Home State
  • Registered Agent
  • Status
  • Date Formed

Select any of the additional tabs for more information regarding this Missouri business entity.

  • Filings
  • Principal Office Address
  • Contacts